Yeah! ewe Im not very far into it so far, I think Im on the fourth chapter? xD But Im really enjoying it so far, anyway. :3 

Im probably gonna play more tomorrow! :D I might be going to the drag races happening in the city tomorrow with Dad and Melissa though, so Im not sure exactly how much Ill be able to play except for on the way there and back. :o 

Its the city where Thomas lives the drag races are happening, but of course hes away from home, ehhh. xD I might text Justin or Jordan to see if theyre around tomorrow, since I know Justin drives and Jordan miiiight at this point, but assuming I do go to the drag races Im not sure if Ill be able to sort anything out before I go or not. .3.

I got to see Grahm today, which was really nice! ^-^ I hadnt seen him in like a month, so today was really good. owo

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its already nine thirty, so I have to get off for tonight. D:

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and Ill try to get more written here then! ^^

Good night guys! owo